Fortunately for the police officer, the gun jammed.In another case Parente described, police responding to a tip arrested a man, with a Halloween mask and a gun in his pocket, who told them he was waiting to kill someone who had beaten up his brother.Both guns were traced having been legally purchased earlier by Biles, as were other guns recovered from documented gang members, convicted felons and drug stash houses.That still leaves 17 guns unaccounted for, any of which could also be used in a crime, if they haven’t already, the judge said.The defense argued that Biles thought he was within his legal rights to sell the guns, but a jury convicted him in May.In a rambling, dissembling presentation at Thursday’s sentencing, Biles said he “was never trying to hurt anybody.” He said he resold some of the guns in Indiana, not Chicago, as if that would keep them from turning up here.”I would not put guns in my names to sell to gang bangers,” he said.Biles also denied that his trips to Chicago on Megabus prosecutors documented six such trips were always for the purpose of selling guns. Sometimes, the West Side native said, he was just visiting family.David Coulson, spokesman for the Chicago office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, told me Biles is typical of the straw purchasers involved with most of the guns recovered from Illinois crime scenes, the only difference being that he accounted for higher volume than most.”We see this often where obviously there’s a market in Chicago for guns,” Coulson said. “Maybe they start with one or two, and then they see they can make money.”Biles’ lawyer, Candace Jackson, tried to spin that as part of the defense.”There are a lot of people in Indiana selling guns for profit,” Jackson said.

Call it the Williamsburg of Amsterdam, said Michiel de Bruine, head of residential Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping asset management at Bouwinvest, which started investing in Noord homes three years ago and now has 1,141 apartments built or under construction. The area music festivals, inventive restaurants and breathtaking views of the city remind him of the Brooklyn neighborhood. Years ago, you wouldn walk in this area after sunset.

The term skid road originally referred to the path along which timber workers skidded logs. Its current sense appears to have originated in the Pacific Northwest. Areas identified by this name include Pioneer Square in Seattle; Old Town Chinatown in Portland, Oregon; Downtown Eastside in Vancouver; Skid Row in Los Angeles; the Tenderloin District of San Francisco; and the Bowery of lower Manhattan.

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